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Healing in God's Timing

When Adam and Eve ate the fruit and cursed humanity to the endless litany of laundry and toiling the land they also brought about sickness. I have been asked many times why a good God could allow such terrible things to happen to us and the answer is simple. Free Will. He allowed Adam and Eve to make choices and just as we teach every child, choices have consequences. Touching the hot stove will burn you, allowing sin into your life will harm you. By disobeying God and committing the original sin all of humanity is set to feel the consequences.

Through this God has also provided solutions and ways back to him. The most common answer is Jesus made a spiritual route back to Him but He has also sent us things that help our physical time on earth. He led men and women towards the innovations of electricity and running water which culminated in the inventions of the washing machine and dryer; tractors and mowers, and modern medicine. God watches out for us by leading the leaders of our world and guiding the hands and minds of our innovators and doctors. The Lord also sends divine healing through miracles. Miracles of healing are scattered throughout the bible and our recorded church histories.

We hear over and over again “He himself bore our sins” in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; “by his wounds, you have been healed." 1 Peter 2:24 NIV. We post it on Facebook, mail it to people in hospitals, and speak it over people in the alters. Miracles have happened and will continue to happen but sometimes they don't. It is so much easier to keep faith when you pray over broken bones and see them healed before you or watch as a child lame since birth stands and walks to his mother. The hard part is when you watch the wisened old woman who always doted on the children wither away from cancer, or the blind man who has been begging to see since childhood walk away weeping and sightless every week.

Even within my own family, we have struggled with this reality. Myself, my wife, and my children have all struggled with ailments at different points in our lives. My wife has allergies so severe she could stop breathing just by eating the wrong foods. My eldest daughter has struggled with constant pain in some form or another for the majority of her life. These things break our hearts. My family has spent hundreds of hours begging, pleading, sometimes breaking down to try and barter with God for our health. My youngest has had miracles allowing her to walk and talk and we celebrate those with her while consoling the eldest that she is not forgotten. It will come in God's timing.

I've told the church often God has three different answers to prayers: Yes, No, and Wait. The third one is the hardest because it raises hopes and anticipations. Wait and no mean you need to pay attention to the lesson that comes from your pain. Yes gives you a testimony of hope to share with others. Wait and no gives you a testament of perseverance and if you use it correctly an empathy to others. We can't barter away pieces of ourselves to God in exchange for a gift. Salvation comes with the expectation that we give ourselves over completely to God and praying "God, I'll never ask for anything ever again if you just give me _____" is not the solution. God is not a Genie promising three wishes. He is the Alpha and Omega, Lord of All.

Some people preach that those who are not healed suffer because of a sin they refuse to give up or "not having enough faith". This is a devastating point of view that ruins many Christians. While some suffering comes from a hidden sin or lack of faith, not all illnesses can be blamed on such a thing. A metaphor we used to teach the Daises (the kindergarten girls class) was that We cannot just chant "I do believe in fairies" until Tinkerbell stands again. "Jesus heal me, Jesus heal me, Jesus heal me" is a true and desperate prayer but it is not a magic formula with immediate results.

Next time you feel heartbroken over this current Pandemic or a more localized atrocity or aliment remember to pray and pray and pray but also to give your worries and fears over to God. "Can anyone of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?" Matthew 6:27

If you need guidance on how to pray, what to pray for, or how to live in faith chapter 6 of Matthew gives us Jesus's direct teaching on these things.

If you have a Fire Bible I also recommend reading the article found in Matthew Chapter 8 "Divine Healing".

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