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The Faces We Wear

It's been a busy week so I only have some thoughts to share and a reminder that you are never alone.

I was listening to a CD in my truck and the lyrics of a song really stuck out to me as relevant in our COVID world. In a world where everyone is wearing a literal mask, it can be easier to hide our figurative masks.

"I look into the eyes of you I see the things you don't want me to The things that you try to hide But don't you know I look deep inside

Cuz I see through the games that you play When you go to church on Sunday You put on your mask and you think It's all right to be a Christian one day of the week

God looks into the heart of you He sees your life It's black as night But if you ask him inside You will find That he will wash your sins clean and white

God's not here to condemn you

He just wants to let you know

That if you choose to follow Him

He'll never let you go"

-One Day of the Week by LaRue

You put on your mask (physical or metaphorical) Sunday morning and think hiding your face hides your hangover, your depression, your lies. As I've said before Christianity is not a spectator sport. Your actions matter throughout the week, both to your personal walk with God and to the testimony you show others. If you are struggling to keep up with your faith throughout the week do not struggle alone, reach out for help.

We are always here for you, no matter the struggle.

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